Board Of Directors

Profile Of Board Of Directors

Mr.Muhammad Atif (Director/CEO)

Mr.Muhammad Atif S/O Mr. Muhammad Meraj Director/CEO Elected at the AGM held on October 27,2017. Mr. Atif has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Company since January, 2009. He holds a Master Degree along with a vast experience to tackle the matters of a Public Limited Company like Quice Food Industries Ltd. He has good expertise in different fields like Finance, Marketing, Sales and the Risk Management. He was re-elected at the last AGM of the Company.

Mr.Muhammad Siraj (Director)

Mr.Muhammad Siraj S/O Mr. Mian Gul Director and Member of Audit Committee. Elected at the AGM held on October 2017. Mr. Siraj has also been the Director of Quice Food Industries Ltd for the last nine years. He was re-elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Company held in October, 2017. Mr. Siraj is a well-educated gentleman and has a remarkable experience in the business activities.

Mr.Qazi Muhammad Imran (Director)

Mr.Qazi Muhammad Imran S/O Mr. Qazi Muhammad Sharif Director.Elected at the AGM held on October 2017. Mr. Qazi Joined the Team Quice some six years ago. He had headed the Sales Department of some renowned food product manufacturers in Pakistan, before being a part of Quice. Later, in 2013 he became the Director of the Company and recently he was re-elected at the AGM. Mr. Qazi holds the Bachelor Degree, he supervises the entire Sales process of the Company.

Mr.Salman Haroon (Director/Chairman Aduit Committee)

Mr.Salman Haroon S/O Mr.Haroon Ibrahim Independent Director/Chairman Aduit Committee and Nominated at the AGM held on October 2017 and Also Member Of Human resource Committee. Mr. Salman is an Independent Director. He was appointed and then elected at the AGM, held in October, 2017. This is his second tenure as the Independent Director of Quice. He holds Bachelor Degree. His advices have been very fruitful for the betterment of the Company.

Mr.Javed Yamin (Director/Member of Audit Committee)

Mr.Javed Yamin S/O Mr. Qazi Muhammad Yamin Director/Member of Audit Committee.Elected at the AGM held on October 2017. Since the very first day of the Company under new management, Mr. Jawed has been a part of the Board of Directors. He is an educated person along with a deep experience in the Sales field. He is well aware of the tactics required to be applied for the enhancement of Sales of the Company’s products.

Mr.Amir Altaf (Director/Chairman Human Resource Committee)

Mr. Aamir joined Quice in 2015 and was elected as Director of the Company at the AGM, held in October, 2017. He is Bachelor in Commerce and an experienced businessman.

Mr.Muhammad Riaz (Director/Member Human Resource Committee)

Mr.Muhammad Riaz S/O Mr. Qazi Muhammad Aizaz Director/Member of Human Resource Committee.Elected at the AGM held on October 2017. Mr. Riaz has been a Director of the company since 2011 and at the recent AGM held in October, 2017 he was re-elected. He is well educated and has a good experience in the field of Marketing.